Track The Trade

Welcome to Track the Trade

Track the Trade is a weekly show on CBOETV, hosted by Mark Sebastian of Option Pit.  Track the trade allows retail traders to follow along with Mark as he selects trades to enter, manages the trades, then exits them with either a win or a loss.  What makes Track the Trade so different is the accountability.  There are many TV shows that can give option traders good ideas to trade, there are few that follow up on those ideas.  ... more

Current Portfolio Shadow Positions

This is a list of current paper money positions. The latest market value and profit/loss is updated once each day so you can always find the current status by clicking on this post.

Closing SPX Mar Fly


FB Selling another 77 Call

I am selling the FB Dec12 77 Calls at .80

FB Complex Order Ticket_window_screenshot_4.png

Rolling FB

I am closing the Nov28 75 calls and selling hte Dec5 77 calls for a debit of about 1.10

FB Complex Order Ticket_window_screenshot_3.png

Rolling AMZN strangle back

AMZN Complex Order Ticket_window_screenshot.png

Closing SPX Trade

^SPX Complex Order Ticket_window_screenshot_1.png

Selling FB Weekly 76 calls

I am selling calls in FB again against my long position at the 75 strike.  I now have a diagonal on

FB Complex Order Ticket_window_screenshot_2.png

Updating TSLA, again

TSLA has moved higher,  I am converting my condor into a bearish butterfly

I am closing the 240/237.5 put spread expiring friday for .02

I am selling the Oct29 255/252.5 put spread at .44

TSLA Complex Order Ticket_window_screenshot_1.png... more

Adjusting AAPL

I am covering my AAPL spread

I am buying the Aug29 94 put for .03

I am buying the Aug 99 puts for .08

I am selling the Aug 100 Puts at .28

I am now long (synthetically) a bearish 102/100/99 BWB

AAPL Complex Order Ticket_window_screenshot_4.png