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pit-logo-rgb.jpgOption Pit provides top to bottom option trader education concentrating on traders who want to become full time professional traders and traders that are already trading large amounts of capital.  We are focused on helping option traders understand key trading skills and techniques, while not emptying the traders account to pay for education.  Students that enroll in any of our services will emerge from our program with more confidence in their ability to trade options.  

We offer an array of cost effective monthly newsletter services, educational courses, and individual courses:

PRO TRADER CHAT ROOM           included
ONE-ON-ONE COACHING HOURS*         included* included*
ADVANCED INTERACTIVE EDUCATION       included included included
TRADING FUNDAMENTALS COURSE     included included included included
OPTION PIT LIVE CHATROOM   included   included included included
DAILY STRATEGY LETTER   included included
PUBLIC BLOG included included included included included included
* 3 hours included in the Platinum package
20 hours included in the Pro package
DURATION Ongoing Monthly 1 Month 4 Months 9 Months 12 Months
REGULARLY     $250 $1,950 $5,500 $11,400
TODAY'S PRICE $0 $125 $149 $1,500 $4,940 $9,900
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Multiple Payments        

for 6 months

for 6 months

1.)  Our Subscription service, Option Pit Live, provides both a newsletter services and daily market commentary.  It is a combination of actionable ideas and education that every trader will find valuable.

2.)  Our Silver package is designed to introduce that basic concepts that all professionals need to know (and most retail traders do not know) with in the first month of training.  This introductory course will introduce concepts that even the most experienced trader may not fully understand. Silver will provide the trader with an unparalleled fundamental education.

3.)  Our Gold package is designed to provide traders with the maximum amount of education at the minimum cost.  The knowledge taught in Option Pit's Gold Course is the knowledge required by any professional trading firm.  Gold is an intense, challenging, and rewarding live education course.  It will put the trader in position to actively trade and not be lost.  

4.)  The Platinum package includes all the education of Silver and Gold along with the one-on-one guidance traders need as they begin to trade actively.  An extra three months of OP Live plus a minimum of 3 hours of one-on-one time and Live Platinum Course work with our demanding staff will ensure option traders are in a position to succeed without gimmicks.  Traders will be able to trade any market, from calm to volatile.

5.)  Our Professional Trader's Club is designed to provide pro traders everything they need to increase ROI.  This is the only program on the market that focuses on using portfolio margin to one's advantage.  Traders in this course are taught to think three dimensionally when trading.  This course also includes access to the Pro Trader's Club a combination of instant messaging, weekly group meeting, and special deals on software.

We will meet or beat any price on any comparitive product offered by our competitors.

Our programs focus on our three pillars that make a successful professional option trader: Trade Structure, Risk Management, and Efficient Use of Capital. Call us (888) Trade-01 or read about our Option Trader Mentoring Programs which include the following: