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Who Should Take Option Pit Professional Course

Are you currently Professional Trader spending a good portion of your day in the market? Can you evaluate options trading strategy like a floor professional? Would you like too? Are you using the power of portfolio margin in your trading? Are you certain that the structure of your trades is maximizing the efficiency of your capital? Are you simply looking for a group of trained individuals to bounce ideas off of, and team up with? If you are a market professional or have a high level of expertise then the Option Pit Professional Traders course is for you.


The Option Pit Professional Level Course

The Option Pit Professional Traders course is designed for high net worth traders, money managers, and hedge fund managers. The Option Pit Professional Traders course has an extensive evaluation, customized course work and hours of live one on one option coaching designed around the way the Option Pit mentors have taught trading since 1993. The course immerses Professionals in the language and nuance of option trading so our students learn to make the option market come to them. Deploy the right strategies at the right times in the most capital efficient way.

What is included:

Everything Option Pit has to offer is included in the Option Pit Professional Course. The key difference with the Professional Course is time, with Option Pit Mentors and peers, to instill the level of knowledge and experience necessary to create a professional option trader. How does this work?

Option Pit Mentoring and Coaching by seasoned professionals, one on one, for 20 hours in an environment that gradually moves from learning strategy, risk management and efficient use of capital to enacting trades in real time. This is the only course in the world that specifically focuses on using margin to improve trading.

The Option Pit Weekly Professional Roundtables are an open dialogue geared toward the market issues and opportunities that are facing market professionals today and tomorrow.

The Pro Trader Chat Room keeps the level of learning, market information and idea generation growing long after the Professional Course training is over. The real time Pro Trader Chat Room is the forum to get almost any option question answered when you need it most. It is also a great center for acquiring and sharing trade ideas. The ability to bounce an idea off of other professionals is a powerful tool. This is the only chat room where professional traders, brokers, market makers, and hedge fund managers meet in a free and open environment.

The Professional Course Topics:

The Option Pit Professional Course is based on the needs of the individual professional. After we establish your level of knowledge and expertise with options our option coaches focus on the following areas:

Maximize the use of capital by using portfolio margin efficiently and effectively. Use of margin can improve trader performance and adjusting trades. This is the only course in the world that focuses on using margin, a POWERFUL weapon for option traders.

Complete Coverage of the Option Fundamentals-The Option Pit tutorials covers every avenue of options knowledge.

Reading Order Flow to adjust strategy- Learn the import market signals and indicators for options and the ability to use them in real time to separate vanilla activity into actionable information.

Learning how to buy and trade option premium- This is the one of the many key pieces that lifts the Option Pit Professional Course above the rest- the knowledge and confidence to buy and trade premium when the time is right.

Non- traditional income trading strategies- Learn to generate income using better, risk adjusted techniques for selling options.

Trading Volatility as a strategic asset- Learn to trade option volatility and control it as an asset.

Option Portfolio Theory- Learn how to manage a “balanced” book of options to increase performance and gain an edge in managed portfolios.

Weekly and Directional Spreading- Use the Term Structure in options to create better balance in strategic option writing.

Buy Writes, Collars and Advanced Hedging Strategy- Use the mastery of implied and realized volatility to generate better entry and exit points for equity hedging strategies.


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