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Option Pit Professional Traders Summit

Date: Sep 10th 2014-Sep 12 2014

Cost: 595.00

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Come Join Mark & Andrew for a three day trader’s summit in Chicago.  There will be a live trading room, with multiple lessons taught throughout the day.  Traders will focus on finding edge, managing a book, and trading volatility products.  This is a can’t miss event that will include rigorous instruction, trading, and fun.

Special Guest Speakers:  Russell Rhoads of CBOE,  Dominic Salvino of Group 1, Stefen Choy of Livevol, Frank Fahey,  Dan Stechic, and many more.


-A White Sox Game vs Twins and US Cellular Field

-LIve Option Block Podcast

-Guest Speakers on Important Topics

-In-depth discussion and sharing

 -Group Dinner at Benny's Chop House



Morning:  Arrive Chicago

11:15:  Meet at Ceres For Lunch

Noon:  Head to Class Room

1:00-3:00:  Stefen Choy

330:-4:00: Meet with Dominic Salvino

4:00-11:00:  Happy Hour, Tailgate, Sox Game


8:00 Arrive at CBOE

10:00:  Russell Rhoads:  VIX

Noon:  Lunch

1:00:  Frank Fahey:  Commodity Trading

3:00-3:30:  Wrap up day

4:00:  Live Podcast

5:00: Happy Hour and Dinner


8:00 Arrive at CBOE

10:00 Dan Stechic or another Eurodollar Trader

Noon:  Lunch

3:00 Adjourn

The Event will be held on the 4th floor in the Room 4b conference room.  



 This event is for Option Pit Members Gold or higher only.


Introduction to the VIX and VIX ETP's

In this one hour webinar Mark Sebastian, founder of Option Pit will discuss the basics of the VIX and the VIX ETP's.  What products are out there,  what are the strengths and weaknesses of each products, as well as a few secrets to trading VIX ETP's.

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