VIX Made Easy

Thursday, December 14, 2017 - 7:00pm

The Option Pit “Easy” Series: 

Don't be left in the dust as VIX becomes a more and more active product!

Option Pit is introducing a new series of webinars to make option trading easier for beginning and intermediate traders. We will tackle the VIX first.  This is a MUST own for all VIX traders especially newer traders:

Webinar Replay:

Introduction to VIX Trading from Mark Sebastian on Vimeo.



December 14-24

6+ hours of VIX Education a deal for the $197.00 Just $97.00!!!

Traders will learn:

-VIX futures pricing around V

-VIX futures explaining backwardation and contango.

-VIX terms and strikes the basic functions of the unique VIX calendar and skew to help with proper trade set up

-Basic approaches to trading VIX ETP's

 VIX positions helps with basic option trading strategy for puts and calls, call spreads and call butterflies singular to VIX




 VIX trading will put all the theory into action to trade VIX options using the VIX futures as the guide to trading conditions

List price: $197.00
Price: $197.00