Option Traders, I'm Back!

Well option traders, I hope you guys missed me. I had a wonderful time in Bimini, Bahamas. I would suggest it to anyone who does like nature and wants to avoid crowds.

IBM Earnings Reaction, A look at the VIX and IV

Option traders, here is why I HATE 'smart' routers. At the end of the day today I went to go sell the IBM Oct 135 calls at .35.

Final IBM Update

Option Traders, after the sell off today, I am still bullish IBM. The Broken wing doesn't make sense anymore because the 135 calls are so cheap.

ETF Divideneds

Option Traders, I get so many students that get assigned on options in ETF's either the Thursday before expiration or the Friday morning of expiration.

IBM Calendar Update, Now a IBM Butterfly, a Note on the VIX

[caption id="attachment_338" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="This is the IBM Call Butterfly I am planning on trading tomorrow"]

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  • VIX Closes below 23! What Should the Option Trader Do Now?

    Option Traders, I certainly am starting to get excited about what I'm seeing in the option markets.

    This Week in Options

    Option traders, I thought I would start a Saturday post reviewing the major trend of the previous week and looking slightly ahead to the following week.

    Last week we saw the market take back every

    My First Longer Piece is Up

    The Article is about why we need to understand weighted vega, its a dense subject, but it is also important. I hope you guys like it. If you have more idea let me know.

    How Weekend Theta Decays

    Option Traders, I know I have harped on this before; If a trader is past his goal for P&L or is close, consider exiting the trade on Friday.

    Option Traders, Why not to over hedge part 2

    Option Traders, where was the market on the close of last Wednesday? The SPX closed 1057.08. Where did the SPX close today?

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