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    Slow Day in the Markets

    The markets did little to nothing today. This caused IV to fall across the board (yes the VXO said it was up, but really VOL was in).

    Unwinding The Strangle

    We ended up being right (despite a few days of turbulence). The calls are basically worthless, and the spread has a return of over 30%.

    SPX Strangle Update

    Implied volatility is certainly coming in, how is my SPX 950-1210 strangle doing? Not bad, we have made about 3.50 on the strangle, that is not a bad return. But I think the VXX will fall to 25.

    Check me out at SFO

    I wrote today's daily SFO column: SFO Magazine

    SPX Volatility Continued

    We did not receive a ton of great ideas on what is the right trade, under the circumstances, so here are my thoughts:

    The State of Volatility in the SPX

    At Option Pit, I talk clients all the time. Some say how crazy the market is, and how volatile the general market is.

    SPX Continues to Look Ugly

    I will be back with more later.

    The View from the 'Virtual Pit" by Mark Oldani: Following Orderflow

    Following order flow, if done correctly, can help a trader make (or not lose) quite a bit of money.

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