VIX to Market We Are Still Nervous

The VIX is about to break 15 again, and the market might finally break higher for a few days.  But the volatility options market is still a little bit dicey.  Yes,  VVIX is back below 100,  but VVIX is still above 95 and only came off a few ticks despite the softness in VIX and VIX options today.



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VIX is Unimpressed

After what looked like a potential ugly day where the market was down almost 1% at one point,  the VIX related products found little to cheer for.  The VIX was only up .06 points.  What is even more bearish for volatilty was VVIX which wasnt just barely up,  VVIX was down by over 1.5%, even more,  VVIX was already somewhat low at around 90.


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