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DISH IV is high but will a deal get done?


For now the very acquisitive DISH Network might be on the sidelines as the giant cable and communication industry goes through a massive consolidation.  T is looking to buy Direct TV and DISH is quietly sitting on the sidelines.  DISH tried to buy a cellphone company as an outlet for its wireless spectrum and they just could not get that done.

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Is the Emerging Markets crisis over?


As the SPX is about to make a new high today, I can’t help but think how ugly things were during the beginning of the year.  Argentina was in turmoil, riots in Brazil, and Turkey was in a near state of anarchy.  Has everything changed that much?  Judging from the chart below the market’s perception has changed a lot.  After nearly 4 months, volatility in the EEM is settling down and not bouncing back up.

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Market can't get past it's worries

Stocks sniffed all-time highs again and pulled back from the brink.  The simple answer is there is no reason to be running at all-time highs.  That was enough to push stocks back off of their shiny new plateau.  Since we are a volatility shop, let’s look at the underlying currents.  The first stop is SDEX, it's still at nosebleed levels.

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Looking at a VirnetX buy write

LiveVol just released some new goodies for scanning activity and I thought it would be instructive to walk through one of the simpler scans.  With the market at all-time highs and volatility drifting lower, there is not much to note there.  We have liked the market this year and there is not much to change that.  So in a rising market is a buy write a good strategy?

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SPX IV is Higher, Points Toward...a Rally?

Last night in my webinar for RCM I discussed how I will use the VIX as a multi day indicator for trading.  One of my key points, is that if the SPX is higher over several days, and IV is also higher, or not falling over several days, then IV is pointing toward a possible sell off.  If we look at what has happened over the last few days, we can clearly see that IV is not really dropping and SPX is rallying.


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Is AAPL still AAPL?

As I watch the market today most of the volatility is coming from AAPL.   Traders still cannot get past the fact that AAPL has changed into a slightly different stock lately.   This is something that I call a change in a stocks “personality”.  Specifically is the realized volatility the same as it has always been or has it become something else?  AAPL does not normally stay at this level of realized volatility for this long.  It is usually a gap and then pretty much mid to low 20’s in realized volatility.

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Special Telegram

The market got a bit of a relief rally today. The hurricane was manageable and the employment picture was a bit brighter according to ADP so we had a very pleasant rally.  Today was the first real smack down in volatility since the day before GOOG reported underwhelming numbers a couple of weeks ago.  Anytime the VIX drops near 2 points it is a big readjustment in the volatility perception.  Even with the election looming it won’t make much difference for the market if today’s IV markdown was any indication. 

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A stock that acts like a bank and a utility all rolled into one…

I won’t go through the VIX play by play today,because it was pretty straight forward.  The VIX November (and sometime December) future spent a good part of the day underwater, in doing so, showing that the VIX futures were slightly backward.  What does that mean?  Move movement in the short term as 200 point moves in the down start to ignite the realized volatility in the market.  My closet theory is that implied volatility will not drop until after AAPL announces.  I have no real proof for that, but this whole scene feels like last spring when the market was sitting on the big news.  It lo

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This Is What a Hedged Market Looks Like

I have been commenting for some time on why I do not see a sell off on the horizon.  I see a fully hedged market place right now.  But what does a fully hedged market look like?  It looks like this:

Take a look at realized volatility on 10 and 20 day historical volatility.


Livevol (R) www.livevol.com

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