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VIX Will Hit New 52 W Highs at This Rate, brief AAPL and IBM Preview

I’m writing this mid-day as I am on vacation this week.  However, even at mid-day I am noticing a few trends in volatility that developed last week, persisting.

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The Fallacy of "Income Trading"

From time to time we like to take a break from our normal in-depth analysis of the option-sphere and bust a few myths proliferated by many of my dishonest counterparts in option education.  I debunked the myth that 10% a month is realistic (it's not).  I debunked that trading the same trade every month works (it doesn’t).  I debunked that risk management is more important than trade selection (it isn’t).  Well it’s time to go after something else

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SPX IV Flat...Again. VIX Term Structure Getting Interesting

The VIX may have gained a little more than 1%, something those in the media will point toward as an increase in fear.  As I look at volatility I do not seem much of an uptick at all.

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