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VIX Yawning Into Non-farms

Heading into non-farm payrolls I was a little surprised by how low VIX is trading, and even more so, how little of a spread there is between VIX and the August VIX future.   VIX is trading around 13.50 the Aug future with 22 days to expire is trading around 14.65.  Into a non-farm, in a low VIX period, that spread is VERY tight.  How tight?


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Do Non-Farms Matter This Time?

With today's snoozer in the market, one has to wonder what exactly is holding up the VIX.  Let's take a look at what we know:

1.  Cliff Deal is done

2.  Debt pushed back to March

3.  Earnings season is so far so good

4.  SPX market volatility is:


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