RIMM skew doing some funny things

Today was a day on Wall Street that was well, strange.  There was a nice little rally in the NASDAQ as it teetered near even most of the day and ended with a little move up.  For the most part the other indexes were lower including the VIX, as there was little good news to really lift things.  I think, at this point, the markets are at the end of cheap credit.  Negative interest rates for TIPS anyone?  That is not the kind of thing markets want to see.  There feels like there is some serious confusion as to what money managers will put money into.  Does anyone really want

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Netflix is streaming to a TV near you

The 4th quarter of 2011 is now viewed as the quarter of "the big growth momentum earnings wreck syndrome".   The big names like AAPL, NFLX and GMCR took it on the chin. So did much of the market as I recall, but I digress.   At least for the first two names for this earnings cycle that is not the case in the sunny land of 2012 (no problems fixed and the credit you want).   I am going to focus on NFLX for now, because I think the reason for the move is much different than AAPL’s, and there is a more interesting trade in there.

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Option Pit's Research on AAPL as Seen on Mad Money

There has been a bit of confusion as to what exactly what the reserach Jim Cramer quoted Mark Sebastian on last night meant (watch the Video here).  Here is the research that was used along with a slightly more indepth description.  It should clear up any confusion.  As a follow up,  you can catch our live webinar on using options to trade stock earnings on Feb 15th.  Register here.

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