Is the Dell buyout toast?

Some big dough got together and started to bang their heads together about DELL.  I use a DELL computer and it works just fine.  Personally I don’t like working on an iPad thingy and looking at the market full time on one of those gizmos would leave me with less than the one eye I have that works.  Clearly I am in the minority since the consumer is not buying as many made to order Dells as they once did.  Michael Dell made billions taking the company public and he no doubt will make billions taking it private but $13 bucks per share won’t fly.  It would hav

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Playing Dell Options for a Dividend

One of the interestings stories coming out of the Fiscal Cliff is the juggling of cash positions that is occuring amoung many of the high market cap companies that produce a lot of cash.  We have seen ORCL accelorate their dividend, and we have seen nearly 100 other companies on the S&P 500 adjust their dividend schedule, announce a special dividened, or speed up dividend payments ahead of the cliff.  Today,  our COO Mark was asked about another major name, DELL, and how one might play Dell options.  You can watch the video here:

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