AAPL Underperforming

AAPL is down today after hours.  The Stock closed around 118.25.  At the closeof equity trading the stock was trading down to 114.95,  a nice drop of 3.30.  However,  its not just the stock activity that is disappointing.  Take a look at the level the straddle went out.


LivevolX for Lightspeed

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AAPL Vol is TOO Cheap

Yesterday, we commented how we thought AAPL vol looked like a buy (we were right).  Well today, if you aren't looking at AAPL and trying to buy premium you are a total jerk, it is that underpriced.  VXAPL the VIX of AAPL is at 2 year lows, and if I go back, we are really talking about near decade lows...time to buy


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AAPL We've Lost that Loving Feeling

Apple Inc reports earnings tonight, and no one cares.  Thats not to say no one,  but the big money is sitting it out.  No one is buying options into the event.  IV30, ahead of earings is in the 15th percentile, and is DOWN today into the announcement. Noticethe difference in IV between this and the last earings report.


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