The Cheap Way to Play Currency

I am a believer that we will see parity dollar vs the Euro sometime in the future.  Not anytime in the next 6 months, but eventually.  In the near term I think we see the Euro continue to strengthen against the dollar.  Sounds like a great bull play with calls.  Except the EVZ (the VIX of USD/EUR at over 12% (high for currrency options).  Rather than a straight play using Euro Options there is a better play.  Take a look at the returns of GVZ (the VIX of GLD) vs the EVZ.

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Heading into earings tonight,  the market was looking for about a 5.50-6.00 move on AAPL earings tonight.  We know its somewhere in that range based on how the weekly strangles were priced at the close on earnings monday vs the prior monday.  The math is pretty simple with out all the extra mumbo jumbo.

Last Monday


Earnings Monday (today)

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Will the AMZN rally hold?

AAPL just posted a big number and the stock is up $2 after rallying a couple of dollars today and many dollars for the week.  I guess it is the big number that you have to print that counts.  AMZN posted a giant revenue number last week but so far has been able to avoid accountability for actually ma

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GOOG volatility is too cheap into earnings

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GOOG is about to declare earnings and this is the cheapest I have seen the ATM options in as long as I can remember into a cycle.  The key to GOOG is how it trades through the earnings.  Most of the time the move in a direction will keep going allowing the  ATM the day before earnings to go deep in the  money.

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Our Founder on Bloomberg talking SPX and VIX