A Coming Tide?

In the last year or so, we have seen 2 1/2 2008 type events.  The 1st major 2008 type event was gold.  We saw gold dive and the GVZ (the gold VIX) explode higher.  The next major 2008 type event has been oil.  We saw OIV (the oil VIX) hit the mid 60's and Oil fall by over 60%.  Right now we are looking at Eur/Usd options that are at the equivalent of a 30 VIX or so, likely heading higher.  Finally, we have VIX itself.  VIX has averaged over 16% in the 1st 3+ months of the year, a serious 2+ point increase over the average of the last 2 years.

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Learning to love a Cruddy financial Product - VXX

So the Fed came out today with the ball of confusion.   Some want to raise and some do not. That is fair enough and I am starting to feel like the FOMC manages these messages to such a degree that not umbrage can be taken any party.   They want things to be smooth.  Since the Fed has more money than everybody else they will win.

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