VXX short term IV is hitting lows

As 2014 continues with the not much happening award, there are some big mark downs going on in the volatility markets.  Stocks are sitting around, but volatility in the volatility products are hitting some very low levels.

Take VXX turning in 38% implied volatility with NFP still to come on Friday.  It feels like paper has all but taken out the possibility of a move in VXX for this week.


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Let's hope the rest of 2014 is more exciting

Happy New Year!

2014 started off with a big thud.  I do a radio podcast on The Options Insider Radio Network on Thursdays, and there was some speculation that the sell off was from longs needing to raise money to pay taxes.  All the big names got smacked a bit after posting very good 2013’s.  Conversely, gold is launching probably from an end to tax loss selling.  The government is still in the market….

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VIX Rallying With the SPX = UGLY

When the SPX rallies and the VIX rallies at the same time, it is almost always negative for the S&P 500.  Take a look at how SPY vols has been moving and SPY has moved over the last few weeks.

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Is the world less risky going into 2014?

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2013 was a blockbuster year for owning stocks.  It was a good, old fashioned bull market that we haven’t seen since the mid 90’s or 2007.  The most interesting thing is the bubble talk in stock prices.  Folks forget where stocks came from.  2011 was essentially a flat year and combined with 2012 the move up was just average.  In 2013 stocks started to pick up multiples as investors look for growth and specifically global growth.  In 2011 and 2012 stock just did not get a growth multiple.

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Gold ain’t glittering right now

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We are at the end of the year and with all of the big gains in stocks the laggards really stand out.  I don’t know where gold is going the next few months but this year it has taken it on the chin.  Just as it looked like it would rally into the end of the year, the tax loss selling picked up a head of steam forcing gold to price right on the year lows.

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VXX still sucks… Yeah!

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I don’t know if it will happen tomorrow or the next day or sometime in January, but VXX will rise off the mat again.  The poster child for decaying products turned in another one of its stellar performances in 2013 with the shares down around 66% on a split adjusted basis.  Noteworthy as well is that the 30 Day IV is in the basement too at around 41.99.  You can easily buy IV for VXX in the 20’s and 30's on very short duration.

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Big Cap rallies into the end of the year, AAPL anyone?

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The fact that we are off to the races again today does not surprise me too much (note the Wednesday blog).  The good GDP number is being accepted by the market as a good thing.  That means the Fed bond buying exercise is getting removed from the equation.  Good news is good news again as the Fed starts to exit.  I would not be surprised to see higher numbers for stocks in 2014 as global growth starts to pick up.

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IV Rallies with SPX

After yesterday's rally we were not shocked that the SPX gave away a few points.  What was surprising was how the IV reacted with the S&P's recovery.  Take a look at Jan IV and the S&P on an intraday basis from today:

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Is the Financial Crisis over?... at least for now the Fed says yes.

Without parsing what the Fed said, they are officially starting to wind down their extraordinary measures.  Maybe Ben pulled the Congressional leaders aside and said “Hey you idiots, I am done and there is nothing more I can do.”  I guess it worked because if we can get sane fiscal policy, things should be ok.

The VIX was in total freefall today.  There was a shiver at the beginning but there is no doubt that volatility lost a significant bid today.  After all the talk of VIX being up for so many straight days it is mute now.  SPY closed just pennies from the all-time high and unless there is some sort of extraneous event, we will make new highs this year.

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The FOMC Rope-a-Dope

The market is not moving a whole lot today in anticipation of what the FOMC is going to decide on bond purchases.  I don’t know for sure, but something between a small Taper and no Taper.  With the House and Senate coming up with a medium term spending solution, they can squabble in relative peace trying to accomplish something.  The FOMC has surprised us for a bit and the Rope-a-Dope tactic seems to keep the equity markets pretty buoyant.

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