SPX Still VIX Dying?

The VIX has been getting crushed this week.  Meanwhile,  the SPX has been flat take a look at the last 5 days:



When I see this pattern like this as I have talked about multiple times (most notably on Mad Money) when I see a flat or falling market and the VIX dying, that typically means the market is about to take off.

The Trade:

I like long SPX or SPY

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VIX to Market We Are Still Nervous

The VIX is about to break 15 again, and the market might finally break higher for a few days.  But the volatility options market is still a little bit dicey.  Yes,  VVIX is back below 100,  but VVIX is still above 95 and only came off a few ticks despite the softness in VIX and VIX options today.



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