SPX makes new highs for 2015 and there is still time


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I don’t know what the rally was from, a pop in oil, AAPL to the moon or a de-escalation in the Ukraine but a rally we had.  Stocks fallen into a pattern of rally and retreat and today was no different.  The last downturn was a mix of Greek elections and 10% of the market cap of the SPX going into the ash can with oil.  Tech is leading now and the market loves tech leadership.  NDX 5000, a sop to swinging 90’s is now a realistic target.

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AAPL Options Are Probably Too Cheap

At any given time,  over 50% of all options are overpriced.  This is why most traders like selling premium.  At the same time another 20-30 are typically fairly priced with another 20-30% being underpriced.  This means that while it is likely that an option is overpriced, its not always the case.  Take AAPL for instance.  Take a look at how the underlying has been moving relative to the price of its overall options:

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The VIX tells the story again

The NFP number was pretty good by most accounts.  If we did not have the Euro issues, one would almost think the USA was getting back in the swing.  Lower deficits, low rates with job and wage growth is looking pretty good right now.  The problem is almost too good.

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SPX IV Still Cycling Higher

While the general media might be excited that the DJIA is now up on the year,  I think the more concerning subject should be that IV is still massively up on the year as well.   In fact, looking at the SPX  one can clearly see that it has essentially done NOTHING,  yet IV30 (Livevol's VIX) has been going up and up and up.

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Oil About to Go Crazy?

The OIV (the WTI VIX) settled at a new recent high at over 64%.  That is a MASSIVE move and points toward something really unsettling going on in the WTI contract.  The last few days the commodity has started to move around again, and I believe there is a chance that the underlying could really move over the next few weeks.  The question is which direction.


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Realize Vol Higher than Implied

While we all know the VIX is the best known measure of SPX volatility, there are some different ways of looking at IV.  Livevol has an IV30 measure that I think tracks VIX quite well, but puts a little less ephasis on put prices as the VIX.  Since we use LivevolX extensively, this means we look at IV30 alot.  One thing we always look for is when realized volatility in the last month passes IV30.  We saw that happen today:

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IV goes into High Orbit

Stocks ended the week in an ugly fashion with the SPX down about 1.25%. There was enough in the bad sentiment train with Greece, Euro Area deflation, poor GDP and Russia annexing another part of the Ukraine. Not the stuff of rising markets with earnings only tepid this season. So far most companies that are reporting are doing better than estimates. Not 80% to blow it out but just ok.

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