Is the Market Prepped for a True VIX Flush?

We see the VIX get to 12 often, especially around the end of December.  However,  the future doesnt always end up expiring into a 12 handle (like last year).  However,  this year, there is a massive ammount of open interest ammasing in downside puts in VIX.  There are bids in VIX options al the way down to 11.5 and massive ammounts of open interst.


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Not So Cheap to Hedge with VIX

While VIX is low and the futures are only trading at a semi normal premium option volatilty in VIX has exploded again:


LivevolX for Lightspeed

The best bet for hedging is probalby now VIX call spread and not backspreads anymore.  That said,  this spike might disapate as soon as NDX stops tanking.

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