VVIX Not Exactly All Clear

Yes, the VIX is back below 16, and close to 15, and the market made up about 60% of what it gave away on Friday.  But,  given the change in the news and the buildup ahead of the Fed speak today,  I thought we could see vol of vol move MUCH harder than VIX itself....It didnt and if anything its still signaling major warnings signs about what could come up in the next week.

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The market is on Quaaludes

Look for our daily calendar webinar soon!  Sep 24th is the day.

As I look at the underwhelming iPhone launch, and my phone, I keep thinking there is an app for everything.  There is an app for tides, sports, music and just about anything under the sun.  My problem is a I need an app to tell me what to do in a market on Quaaludes; lots of delusion and nothing going anywhere.  As there is an app for anything, there are positions for every market condition, even markets punch drunk with Fed indecsion and sound bites.

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