The State of SPX Volatility 11-08-2010

I am guessing that my option mentoring students are not the only ones that have noticed the crazy swings in implied volatility over the last week.  Since Last Monday we have seen a nice uptick

See Option Pit Mentoring's Mark Sebastian's Presentation on Volatility

I gave a 'teaser' presentation ahead of my class for 4 Part Class on Volatility I am doing with TradeMonster.

Why Has VIX Contango Gotten Less Severe?

Option Traders, some of my favorite blogs are vixcentric or talk about the VIX often (VIXandMore and Dai

This is Why Option Mentoring is Worth It


SPX VOL THUD, The VIX gets it right!!!!

Option Traders, if you put your ear to the T-1 line that delivers your data feed I think you might have heard what sounded like a cross between like a overused Whoopi cushion.

SPY Strangle Predicting a Fizzle

Today, during the AM Pit Report (its back by the way) option pit's mentoring students and I spent a little time examining the price of the weekly ATM strangle.

Guest Blog From Option Pit Mentoring Professional Member Dennis Chen

Trading your option portfolio like a hedge fund

by Dennis Chen from Smart Income Partners, Ltd.

Option Pit Mentoring Reposts Gamma Scalping Part 1 and 2.


The Card Game Effect

Gamma Scalping Part One - Pay The Day

I am taking the rest of the week off from writing live blogs and the AM Pit Report, I will be posting a few things here and there.  I thought I would post a few of my more popular pieces for o

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