The State of SPX Volatility 8-23-2010

It has been a crazy month of trading...or has it.  The buzz word at Option Pit Mentoring has been the Hindenburg Omen.  Mentoring students keep sayi

Guest Blog, Mike Schwartz introduces Serious Options


SPX Calendars, Sell them instead of buy them

I was in an option mentoring session yesterday working with one of my brightest students when we began looking at the SPX September-October call spread.  The spread had a mid price of about 13

Option Pit Director Of Education Posted on

Option Pit Director of Education and lead option mentor Mark Sebastian is a regular contributor to's Option Profit's team.

Guest Blogger Dr Lawrence Silverberg blogger at VolTraderBlog and Option Pit Student.

Dr. Lawrence Silverberg is a star Level 3 traders, and good friends in the business.  He used to guest blog at my old site all the time.

POT Breaking down a bullish option spread

During the Pit Report a few of our option mentoring students asked me to take a look at POT and see if there were any bullish trades that might have

Trading the weeklys in AAPL vs Trading the Last week of a Regular Expiration in AAPL

SPX SEP-OCT Spread is wide. How does IV compare to 2008?

As a market maker and now a mentor, I have had a plenty of time to look at implied volatilities. In fact, that is basically all I do.

Are Condors in the Weekly's Worth It?

I have always been a little wary of the trading the weekly options for an income portfolio.  Inherently, I was thinking the risk reward makes no sense.  The argument I always get is that

How much was VOL up in the SPX today?

The VIX was up about 3 points today.  The VXX was up over 1.5 points.  How much was IV up in ATM SPX today?


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