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I keep talking about how great the AM Pit Report is.  Check it our for yourself here: AM Pit Report

Butterfly Trading Checklist: How to tell the right time to enter an Index Butterfly

Option mentoring is not an easy business. Our option mentoring students are always looking for easy simple answers to very complicated questions.

ETF Paper Flow betting on Market Retraction

One thing I know I will get from my option mentoring students is a lesson on how they track whatever stat they follow.  Some look at charts, some look at IV, some look at ratio’s of all differ

Option Pit Director Of Education Posted on Yahoo Finance

You can read lead option mentor Mark Sebastian's article on an SPX trade here:  

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  • Is the SPX about to Sell off? Is the VIX about to Pop?

    Traders, as an option mentor I am constantly asked by my option mentoring students where I think the market is heading.

    Why does the VIX fall into the Weekend and Rise After? Any trades out there?

    I was in the middle of an option mentoring session today when a rather smart option mentoring student asked a rather common question: Why does the VI

    Lead Mentor Publshed on Yahoo Finance and

    This time COO, Director of Education and lead option mentor Mark Sebastian wrote about DBA, the AG PowerShares.  Read it here:

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  • The View from the "Virtual" Option Pit-With ODI

    Option Traders, it is that time again.  It’s time for the Option Pit mentors take a break and allow all of our option mentoring students to read about the keen insight brought to Option Pit by

    When Should I Re-Sell the Call Side of an Iron Condor in SPX?

    Option Traders, as an option mentor one of my goals is to be as modest in victory as I am in defeat.

    SPX Term Structure getting out of Whack, AAPL Weekly Update

    At Option Pit we have been discussing with our the main focus of discussion between our option mentoring students is how we think we are on the uptrend of a slow downward oscillation.

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