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Those who have been trading for a while know that trading is a high performance profession.

Why the VXX trades more like Oil than AAPL

Option Traders,

The Winners Are

Winner 1: Dennis

VXX 20/24/25 AUG for a credit of $1.75

The View from the "Virtual" Option Pit-With ODI (Mark Oldani)


"Water, water everywhere...not a drop to drink"

Am I Bullish Volatility? A VXX Trade? and a Contest?

The ES (S&P 500 Futures), almost rallied above 1100 today, yet failed again to break through.  I am not a technician by any means but this is certainly something to watch.

I officially do not hate Butterflies

The market ping pong continues.  The SPX and SPY have no conviction in either direction.  I expect short term IV to rally because we are nearing the top of the SPX range of about 1100.

AAPL out with Earnings, a Secretly Long Gamma, Long Delta trade!

Yesterday during the Mid Day Pit Report we discussed an interesting AAPL earnings play, one of the plays I liked involved buying AUG ATM calls in AAPL and selling more out of the money Sep calls to

How do Butterfly Trades Look Right Now?

The SPX straddle has been oscillating around the current price f

Units Article Originally Posted at OptionsZone

I want to flash you traders back to the flash crash.   The fund I work with was trading had entered a May OEX butterfly that had been doing reasonably well, until the first week of May.&n

Option Club Presentation Tomorrow

Dont Forget.  Tomorrow at 10 am EDT, 7 AM PDT I will be giving a presentation for the Option Club.  The topic will be trade selection.

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