RIMM Conclusion

Option Trader's,  I wrote a follow up to yesterday's blog for  In it I make a case as to why I think the options seem relatively under priced.

What is Up with RIMM Ahead of Earnings?

Of all the earnings plays our Options Mentoring Students like to get into, RIMM might be one of the most popular.

How Much Time Premium will price out of Options by Christmas?

Option Traders, this time of year one of the most common questions I get from my option mentoring students is "Mark, What I can get you for Christmas."  The next one I get is: "How much time p

SPX Term Structure getting out of Whack

Option traders that read this blog, and certainly our option mentoring students likely have a strong understanding of the concept of the term structure.

Option Traders: Cash Is a Position!!

One of the things we talk about at Option Pit Option Mentoring is the fact that cash is a position that a trader can take.

SPX at New Highs, Now What? VIX-VXV Spread

At Option Pit Option Mentoring, we have been scouring the equity trading sphere for opportunities.

Understanding Weighted Vega in SPX Options

Many clownish option mentoring firms will actually call a calendar a good way to hedge the short vega from income spreads.

Free Live Option Trading Webinar Tomorrow From Option Pit Mentoirng!

Option Pit Mentoring is in Denver,  I will be giving a 4-hour presentation to the Denver Option Club.

Lead Option Mentor Writes Feature for Stocks, Futures, and Options Magazine

Option Traders and Option Mentoring students, no blog here today.  Instead, I want each of you to read my feature Article 'Know Your Alternate Route's" Part 2.

When the VIX Reads SPX Option Volatility Incorrectly

If you were one of my option mentoring students, or a regular reader of the Option Pit Blog I think you know what I am about to write.

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