SPX Term Structure getting out of Whack, AAPL Weekly Update

At Option Pit we have been discussing with our the main focus of discussion between our option mentoring students is how we think we are on the uptrend of a slow downward oscillation.

The State of SPX Volatility 9-1-2010

As an option mentor one of the things I have noticed is that when sentiment stinks the market tends to bounce.  The pattern we have been seeing in volatility where we hit lower lows and lower

Exception to the Rule: Trading Weekly AAPL Butterfly's

The one thing we have learned in our years of trading and mentoring option traders is that there is an exception to every guideline out there.

Option Pit Director Of Education and Posted on Yahoo Finance and

Our COO, Director of Education, and Lead Option Mentor. Mark Sebastian has been published nationally again at both Yahoo Finance and

When is the best time to sell AAPL Weekly Iron Butterfly's.

Option traders, over on Option 911, Mark Sebastian wrote a piece called "How Time Premium Decay's

Option Pit Director Of Education and Posted on Yahoo Finance and

Mark Sebastian, Option Pit's COO, Director of Education and lead option mentor has been published nationally.

SPX Skew Flatter, OEX-SPX 1-5 straddle swap looking inviting.

I was working with an option mentoring student today when we realized that SPX skew is at the flattest on the put side it has been in weeks.  The calls are also relatively cheap.

Check Option Pit out at SFO

Director of Education and Lead Option Mentor Mark Sebastian wrote the daily SFO Today. Read it here: SFO Magazine

Can Call Trading in C tell us something?

At Option Pit Mentoring we are certainly not technicians.  In fact I do not think tech analysis is worth very much at all.  Option Mentoring Student

A Successful SPX Short Calendar

Yesterday during the Mid-Day Pit Report I was pointing out how wide the IV spread was between September and October.  With the market up on the day I pointed out that the implied volatility sp

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