Merry Christmas From Option Pit Mentoring!!

The Option Pit Blog will be taking today and tomorrow off.  In the mean time Mark wrote two pieces in the national press today.  

What To Expect When You Expect Nothing

I have spent the past few days explaining to you option traders that the next two weeks might not be the best time to be short premium.  While I believe this to be true, I do not want you trad

Easy to Trade doesn't mean an Easy Trade

I am consistently taken aback by my how many of my new options mentoring students have some sort of weird love affair with the Russell 2000.  I guess I get it on this level:

Options and Traders Might Both Take the Holiday's Off

It is December 20th and it appears that the holidays have already passed.  No, we haven't time warped to January 3rd in date, but it appears that option prices have.

The State of Volatility In the SPX

While we at Option Pit Option Mentoring concentrate on many portions of option trading, our primary focus is income option spreads.

Is it best to keep it simple??

Check out my answer here

Replay of SFO Webinar: Know Your Alternate Routes

A replay of the Webinar I gave last Tuesday is avaible on the SFO website here

SPX Vertical Skew Getting Flat

Now that Option Pit Options Mentoring has been in the education business for a whopping 8 months I have a much clearer picture of what it is that makes

RIMM Conclusion

Option Trader's,  I wrote a follow up to yesterday's blog for  In it I make a case as to why I think the options seem relatively under priced.

What is Up with RIMM Ahead of Earnings?

Of all the earnings plays our Options Mentoring Students like to get into, RIMM might be one of the most popular.

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