Are Utilities signaling higher rates?

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We have another lackluster session today with  no good news coming out of the EU on the Greece subject.  For now that is the millstone around the market’s neck with things just dragging.  Besides NFLX up, stocks cannot put in any kind of sustained rally.  Bonds are getting trashed too in the face of QE out of the European Central Bank. 


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Can a Market be Frightened and Complacent?

The old saying is complacency kills, to which I would say...unless one likes to sell premium.  In that case complacency rules.  All kidding aside, the market appears to be in an odd spot:  On one hand we have the VIX cash market, the market derived from index options.  its trading at about 15.30 or so as I write this and is currently trading slighly above the June future (which still has a 9 days until it settles.  

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Our Founder talking SPX, VIX, and OIL on Bloomberg