Straddles Lose, Should One sell Condors????

When doing my option mentoring I point out that there are many times where a straddle can seem very "cheap" and still be over priced.

What movement is the SPX Pricing into Non-Farm Payrolls? Thank You Weekly Options.

During the PM Pit Report I was asked by one of our Level 1 option mentoring students to evaluate how much the SPX might move after non-farm payrolls in the AM, and what might be the best play if on

Option Time Premium Decay, Another Dimension of Theta

When I first began mentoring option traders one thing struck me.  The insistence that theta is non-linear almost all of an options decay took place inside the final 30 days of its life.

SPX Vol Crush

During the AM Pit Report, and during my first option mentoring session, there was actually a period of time where the VIX was not down enough to cover the change in SPX price.

Implied Volatility is up, In Some places

At Option Pit one of the things we really work with traders to understand is how the volatility curve is moving, not just the VIX.

Option Pit's Lead Option Mentor Mark Sebastian Writes Feature Article for SFO

Check out the feature Mark Sebastian, Option Pit's COO and Director of Education, wrote for Stock Futures and Options Magazine.

Option Pit Option Mentoring Posts an Excerpt from Expiring Monthly

In light of the upcoming election, and all that goes along with it.  I thought I would post an article I wrote for Expiring Monthly: The Option Trader's Journal.

What happens to the Gamma of In or Out of the Money Options when IV increases

When I am working with option mentoring students, for the most part they can figure out At-The-Money options.

Why does Gamma fall when Implied Volatility Increases?

As many of you know, at Option Pit we are kind of the volatility experts (which when you think about it, kind of makes us the trading experts).  One of t

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