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We are going to start posting our morning commentaries, along with any other free content we do on YouTube.  As a bonus, once every few days I will add a Mid-Day commentary to YouTube.  M

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I wrote a piece describing a few steps I take to select a earning plays. I use PG and AMZN as examples.

Implied Vol and Gamma

One of the real misconceptions I have seen out of retail traders is volatility.  Many do not realize that it actually affects every part of the Greeks.  Remember, the Greeks are not real,

How Much is SPX Implied Volatility Down, a VXX Trade Update.

For those of you that don’t get why the market rallied so much today, let me put it to you clearly.  There is a huge amount of fear about Europe.  The biggest is the banks getting complet

A quick note about, VIX, and SPX IV

Traders, this is just a quick reminder.  IV is not down right now in the sense that most pros see it (hint:  If I am not making money from Vega, vol is not down).  The weekend decay

Trade Selection Webinar

Don't forget, tomorrow I will be giving a webinar on trade selection to The Option Club. Webinar starts at 10 AM EDT.

Can Changes in VIX Option IV tell us anything, VXX Trade Update

I am not a big proponent of VIX options under normal circumstances.  I think the VXX is a far easier option to trade, as the underlying is easy to get a quote on.  That said, there are so

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I wrote today's Daily SFO, read it here: SFO MAGAZINE

The State of volatility in SPX 7-28-2010

It is time again to stop and take a look at the SPX.  What is the realized volatility, what is the implied volatility?  Should I be trading condors, butterfly's calendars?  You have

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