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What, AMZN selling car parts now so ORLY goes to 0?

Actually, I don’t know if AMZN sells car parts.  I know that my small town has several auto parts stores that supply all the mechanics and that ORLY is one of them.  ORLY also sold less than everyone thought they would.  As of today with ORLY the market thinks that business has its best days behind it.  Volvo offering all electric or battery models in a couple of years is not helping the auto parts stores either.

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Volatility is in the bonds!

Well… not really.  60 day IV is at a 1 year low for TLT as shown on the Livevol chart below.  And yet I can’t help but think the recent rally in bond prices is some reflection of market worry.  Let’s call it Shadow Volatility.  With the Fed raising and getting ready to dump their rather large block of securities you would think TLT and longer duration bonds would be softer but this is not the case.  Something else is afoot.

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