VIX to Market We Are Still Nervous

The VIX is about to break 15 again, and the market might finally break higher for a few days.  But the volatility options market is still a little bit dicey.  Yes,  VVIX is back below 100,  but VVIX is still above 95 and only came off a few ticks despite the softness in VIX and VIX options today.



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Market is Spooked

We have been talking about the spread between the VIX future and the VIX cash for some two weeks.  Well it turns out, as can often be the case, the future was right.  However, what is interesting is after yesterday's sell off, there was not a big continueation.  Actually,  the SPX had an anemic rally.  Whta is alarming about some potential follow through is VVIX.  The VIX did very little today,  VVIX on the other hand:

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