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I was expecting maybe more fireworks out of the FOMC but got very little.  The Fed will unwind their balance sheet by the time I am 82.  That reminds me of the old cathedrals that took generations to build where the father passed on the skills to the son.  Now we just pass our debt to the next generation.  Either way VIX closed sub 10 for the first time that I can remember on a FOMC day.  The rate picture is clear for near forever in market terms.


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The Trap Door Spider

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I had a nice exchange with one of our Pro clients today I likened his vol trading to a Trap Door Spider.  The Trap Door spider does not spin a web over and over again, hoping for something to fly in.  They wait until the opportunity is there and then pounce out of their hole at the tasty bug sitting there unsuspecting.  Trading volatility is a lot like that as one waits for an opportunity to add a position.

I review in our courses about two kinds of option traders:

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