MYL gets stung

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2015 gave us VRX and the corporate perp walk of the year as the CEO got grilled for jacking up the acquired drug prices.  Congress gave VRX the smear job and the stock lost 90% at the low earlier this year.  My blog of last week talked about VRX and yes it is time to buy juice in there again.  That is not my subject. Congress might have a new dog to beat and the name is MYL.

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Phone it in with T

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With a remarkable lack of vitality the SPY is finishing lower then where it started the week.  VIX could finish lower where it started this week as well.  The FOMC did nothing really and nothing generally means lower vol and that is what we have.  Not so for the big dividend paying stocks.

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VIX gets a smack

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So the Fed turns a bit hawkish and wants to raise rates.  There seems to be the opinion that this fall at some point rates will nudge up.  That has done nothing to dampen bonds and prices jumped again.  Since we are the only G7 country paying interest I guess higher rates make  US Gov bonds more attractive?  That also says something about volatility.

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